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Hi, my name is Jenni. I created Luna Aleia Lifestyle because I believe that every woman deserves to feel her best at any age. We don't often talk about the challenges and changes that women go through in midlife. But it's a beautiful and empowering time in our lives, to reconnect with yourself and find your personal magic again.

Luna Aleia Lifestyle is a holistic approach to wellbeing for women in their 40's, 50's and beyond. We provide the tools and resources to help you live with intention, cultivate self-care rituals, and find your personal fitness, yoga and wellness practices. It is never too late to understand yourself and reconnect with your mind, heart and body in a deeper way.

Whether you're just starting out on your journey or you're already well on your way, I invite you to Sign up below to receive a free wellness strategy session!

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Luna Aleia Lifestyle Welcome
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Embrace Your Wellness Journey, Transform

Reconnect to your body, mind and heart with:
  • 1:1 Transformational Coaching
  • Yoga practices for all levels
  • Self-Care rituals to deal with stress
  • Aromatherapy products to uplift your mood
  • And more!



There is no force more Powerful than a Woman determined to Rise

Find Your Personal Magic Again!

You may feel like you're stuck in a rut - you don't know how to make the changes you want in your life. You've been thinking about taking better care of yourself but you're not sure where to start.

I help women in midlife who want to prioritize their health and well-being. My goal is to empower women to take control of their health and feel confident in their bodies. You will learn practices to help you shift from overwhelm to embracing expansion, possibility and inner alignment. These practices include breathwork, movement and meditation, which can help reduce stress and increase overall well-being.

I offer tools, resources and individualized Coaching to help you live with intention, cultivate self-care, and establish your own personalized yoga and wellness practices.

I can't wait to help you rediscover your personal magic!

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